Here are a few handy tips for selling your property: -

  • Maximise viewings.
  • Clean the property thorough and remove unnecessary mess.
  • Make sure you are updated throughout the process.
  • If you are waiting for a reply from anyone regarding the sale instead of waiting you should go to their office.
  • First impressions count, the property should be well lit and clean, welcoming fresh aromas are important.
  • Arrange open days this can be effective with groups off people vying for the property.
  • Have more than one set of keys if you are going with multiple agents.

Not many people realise it, but if you’re unhappy with your solicitor you can switch to another one halfway through a sale. Your new solicitor will tell you what you need to do in terms of paperwork to make the move. It’s much better to upset an inefficient solicitor than for your sale to fall through.